La Castellana may be a busy road bustling with life in Madrid, Spain but for the owner of this picturesque landmark in Intramuros, the name means so much more. The Castillan woman, when translated, had a graceful journey before opening her doors as an exquisite venue on September 17, 2008.

From being the center of commerce in Manila, Catholicism and public governance also found a home in Intramuros. These developments adorned every corner of the land with rich stories of life, love, courage and uphill battle among many others. One of which is the narrative of a Chinese immigrant who spoke Spanish fluently and his warehouse at the corner of Beaterio and Cabildo streets which became home to his family and generations to come.

After decades of witnessing the vigor of Manila’s Walled City, the ancestral home became idle and silently fought a battle to remain relevant in contemporary times.

historyThe challenge to make things happen was confidently accepted by the owner and began carefully preserving the time-honored architecture. Not long after, the perfect setting for sophisticated special occasions was conceived – it was named La Castellana.

An open garden space with reliable weather protection soon became a setting for lasting relationships to flourish. Collaboration between La Castellana and reputable suppliers turned dream weddings, debuts and other social events into reality within the confines of this strong castle.

La Castellana only used to be the name of her father’s hometown in Negros Occidental. But today, it is more than a tranquil place from the owner’s childhood because it is the namesake of a dream come true. La Castellana in Intramuros is the perfect embodiment of her vision to provide clients with endless possibilities for their special events from caterers down to the intricate details.

More than a premier events venue, La Castellana is a tribute to the rich family heritage of the owner and the diverse cultural history of Manila and the Philippines. Pay homage to the old Manila through your event with La Castellana’s signature nostalgic ambiance.

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