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A true melting pot of celebrations, La Castellana’s Spanish-inspired interiors have witnessed countless weddings, celebrations and ceremonies. We take pride in being a part of cultural wedding rites and celebrations for Filipinos, Chinese and Indian nationals. Our portal have also welcomed matrimonial ceremonies for various religious orientations including Muslims, Buddhists and Christians.

about_us1These experiences gave La Castellana’s team invaluable skills in handling elaborate client and supplier requirements. Our exposure to diverse cultures and customs has also nurtured in us a deep understanding of the rich world around us. The team’s ardent commitment to provide personalized service for hassle-free events has become more fruitful with our continuous experiential learning.

La Castellana offers more than what you deserve. We are committed to deliver an experience of a lifetime with an assurance that utmost attention is given even to your slightest event needs. Let our incomparable style and thorough service create memorable experiences in your celebrations to be cherished for a lifetime.

On your special day, bask in the elegant atmosphere as you walk on polished floors and gaze at the amber crystal chandelier in La Castellana’s grand foyer. Our impressive ballroom is waiting nearby for celebrations to take place. This hall, equipped with a unique cooling system, is as invigorating as our plush bridal suite. Relax in our serene bridal oasis before engaging in festivities.

The courtyard and Salon de Joaquin Ballroom are ideal settings for intimate celebrations. These halls lend an amorous feel to your wedding and other special events. Know that mounting a second foyer for registration and repository for your gifts as well as having pristine air-conditioned comfort rooms are also part of our commitment to bringing your dream events to reality.

With La Castellana’s dedicated kitchen, celebrations are made even more special by impeccably prepared ­salo-salo or handaan. Guest and partner caterers are fully supported in conducting high grade food preparation on-site. Shower rooms are also available for food attendants to ensure that they are presentable for your event. Having a kitchen, indeed, sets us apart from other Intramuros venues. Always look forward to sumptuous meals and an excellent dining experience with us.


Salon de Joaquin Ballroom

salon_joaquin3Named after the owner’s lolo, La Castellana’s Salon de Joaquin Ballroom embodies his courage to begin a new life in the Philippines after migrating from China. This inspiring tale gives life to this hall as an ideal venue for celebrating new beginnings.

A picturesque backdrop with graceful arches, draped with delicate fabric, and delightful pocket gardens await wedding, debut, anniversary and other special occasions at Salon de Joaquin Ballroom. Make your first dance as a couple or 18 roses waltz memorable by dancing right under nineteen stunning crystal chandeliers.




El Jardin de la Luz – “The Courtyard”

jardinEl Jardin de la Luz is a Spanish-inspired courtyard. This outdoor sanctuary provides La Castellana with a relaxing al fresco feel complete with tropical plants.

The Garden of Light- has an eye-catching cloverleaf fountain at the center. This courtyard is generously surrounded by a tropical palm landscapeand hanging lamps in crystal verinas. Woo your family, friends and visitors with a dramatic courtyard setting for your celebrations.




Sala de Gleceria – “The Bridal Suite”

salaSala de Gleceria is a suite made for royalty. Named after the family matriarch and situated at the former bedroom of the owner’s sisters, was designed with the needs of brides and debutantes in mind. Feel at ease at our stylish bridal suite while being pampered for a hair and make-up retouch or while preparing for your party. A truly unique La Castellana offering. Finding comparable bridal suite amenities is a challenge in venues within Intramuros!

Our bridal suite boasts of an air-conditioned main bridal bedroom, a bathroom, a family lounge and a balcony overlooking the courtyard. Having a string quartet serenade you with lovely melodies while you prepare is not a bad idea after all, only at La Castellana!



Patio Domingo – “The Veranda”

patioPatio Domingo takes after the name of the owner’s father. And like a family provider, Patio Domingo is overlooking the grand ballroom and watching over the festivities. Experience a breathtaking sunset at La Castellana’s open-air veranda where Manila Cathedral’s dome and belfry prominently stands in the foreground.

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